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Motorcycle Keys Transponders

Motorcycle Keys Transponders & Remotes – Motorcycle Keys & Remotes come with options other than door lock. If you want to upgrade call SkyHi Locksmith services. Start with looking at our current Dodge key remotes option checking available buttons for functions. If your motor bike has engine start, extra options communicate this to me I will confirm with your manufacturer. We specialize in custom motorcycle key remotes and all other motorbike brands, including Harley-Davidson remotes so call today and find out if your motor bike will allow an up-grade.  Call Benny today 719-636-3777

Motorcycle Locksmith – You can expect the cost of a motorcycle key with transponder to be costly. The cost is not the locksmith but the linking services from the manufacturer to get the code to upload to the transponder.  To get an idea of the cost call me and my estimate will be competitive and effective to save you more than if you went to the dealer to cut and recode your motorcycle key. Call me today.

Motorcycle Keys Transponders

I enjoy being a locksmith. My goal is to be timely and serve all clients to the best of my ability. The satisfaction I feel when completing a locksmith job can be compared to Jeff Lynne when he finished writing and composing “All A Round The World” Electric Light Orchestra. We love this song and other songs of ELO. Seems to be a company favorite. We hope that you find as much enjoyment as us when you are performing your chosen craft.

Open Locksmith Services backbone is mobile services with trucks that are stocked with necessary parts to replace almost all residential, commercial and auto locks and lock systems.

Motorcycle locksmith services are not as easy the average Dodge or Ford remote. Motorcycles for some reason seam to be more complicated and require assistance by design from the manufacturer. I am set up with most of the major manufactures able to get quick response when needed. I you need a motorcycle key remote coded call me Benny.  Below is a list of common motorcycle brands I have successfully and seem to continually cut and re-code new keys for.

Harley Davidson