Key Locksmith

Key Locksmith Duplication & Programming
SkyHi can duplicate or replace virtually every make & model of smart key.

SkyHi Car Key Locksmith Professionals will duplicate and code your vehicle  key & FOB quickly and less expensive than the dealership. We can meet you wherever you are and in most cases create your smart key on the spot. SkyHi technicians are thoroughly trained to perform programming of transponder, VAT & smart keys for any make or model vehicle, and we guarantee our work to be of the highest level. As a key locksmith we are prepared with the right tools.

Auto Lock Out is a popular car service we provide. At SkyHi locksmith, we can replace your auto transponder keys and regular keys quickly. If you live in Colorado Springs lost your keys give us a call. Whether you have a brand new Benz or an automobile we are happy to help you with all of our car locksmith solutions. We offer 24-hour emergency auto locksmith services. Call Today…

Dodge FOB Door Lock, Hatch Release, Side Door Open

Our locksmith professionals are trained to cut and code all brands of vehicle keys and FOBs. We specialize in upgrading key functions and options.  If you are considering a custom FOB be sure to talk to our technicians.

Toyota Key Locksmith

Key fobs with many function and button controls all need to be coded effectively to work without failure.  Your trained technicians are connected via internet to the manufacturer requirements to stay on top of any changes.

Toyota FOB Custom Universal 1

Sometimes changing and upgrading is simple.  If you current FOB is a failure it is nice to have a new design to soften the mental lose of an old warn out friend. Call us and we will make you a little happier.

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